1 day ago
Veteran-owned General's Hot Sauce using sales to help military families

Yayyy hot sauce!!

One locally-owned company has made it their mission to help others, and it’s all thanks to hot sauce.

2 days ago
VFW Expects Apology From POTUS

TBI is one of the major contributors to depression - it is not “just a headache.”

Thanks your the share Monica Mancuso Murdock! ❤️

In light of today's announcement from the defense department that 34 U.S. service members suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of Iran's retaliatory strike and President Trump's remarks ... See more

5 days ago
Tom Hanks: ‘Military Caregivers Are Hidden Heroes And They Need Your Support’

Yes they do! That’s why we picked Stop Soldier Suicide as the recipient charity - they recognize and support the entire family unit.

Stop Soldier Suicide

On. Sept. 27, Tom Hanks and former Sen. Elizabeth Dole officially announced the launch of Hidden Heroes, a national campaign to raise awareness and garner support for the nation’s 5.5 million ... See more

6 days ago
We need better mental health services

One way to fight is through the healing power of laughter and giving to Stop Soldier Suicide.

Having trouble finding new partnering venues - if you have connections, please send a message! ❤️😘

I'm taking action for 24/7 mental health services for adults and young people. Can you join me by signing this petition?

1 week ago
Congress to investigate veteran cancers at toxic Uzbek base where ‘black goo’ oozed

This is fantastic news!!

Congress seeks answers from VA and Pentagon on cancers at Uzbek base where ponds glowed green, ground oozed ‘black goo’

2 weeks ago

You never know when you might have an impact on someone or just have a beautiful opportunity to connect as humans. I was just out grocery shopping and a young man stopped me and thanked me for my ... See more

2 weeks ago
Buddy Watch Walk - Pier to Pier

I don’t know how many ways we can bring this epidemic to you. We will never stop. Thank you Buddy Watch ❤️

Wake up #America, this is an #epidemic. Forgive my frustration, but while you're lost in the political rhetoric we are losing the men and women that served our country. #RestinPeace my U.S. Army ... See more

2 weeks ago

Dear God, please watch over our fellow Americans serving over seas.

Please bring them all back safely. God hear our prayers.

2 weeks ago
Buddy Watch Walk - Pier to Pier

We are on our way to Gladewater, Texas. One step at a time to raise awareness to the issues our Veterans are dealing with daily. #PTSD #TBI #Addiction #homelessness #22aday We need your ... See more

2 weeks ago
Buddy Watch Walk - Pier to Pier


Good morning from Longview, Texas! On our way to Gladewater, Texas on #Highway80. Come walk with us or just come say #hello.

#BuddyWatch #BuddyWatchWalk #Veterans #UnitedStates #TinyHomes #PTSD ... See more

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