Born in Brooklyn, New York Derrick Eason’s comedic style encompasses every aspect of American life. His comedy is the truth and undeniably funny. Armed with an “outrageous subtly” rarely seen in today’s comedians his view of the world is an honest and unique reflection of today’s society. You’ll be laughing at yourself through his universal stories. Derrick’s like-ability is instant. Whether in Holland, on a cruise ship,  in the Catskills or your back yard, Derrick Eason is a well received highlight.

Birth date:  September  15th
Location:  Philadelphia, PA, United States
Occupation:  Actor / Comedian

Expert as: Swlmmer, Roller Skater and Jaw harpist
Interests: Culinary Arts, Dramatic Arts, Fine Arts.
Favorite Movies: The Party, Koyaanisqatsi (Life out of balance)
Favorite Music:  An Eclectic Taste of many beats & flavors
Favorite Books:  “Dunction Wood” by Harwood and “Confederacy of Dunces” by O’Toole