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My friend has organized this fantastic local suicide awareness...R U OK, CLT? Let's keep the conversation open and save lives.

You are a survivor. #LetsTalk

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We have Funnybone in Richmond (capacity 275) on Tuesday, 5/21 and the Virginia Beach Funny Bone (capacity 325) on Wednesday 5/22!!!

Thank you Funnybone!

Start telling you friends ... See more

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The Veterans Site

❤️ thank you for your sacrifice. ❤️

Today is Vietnam Veterans Day. Today is a day to remember those brave men and women that served our country so bravely during the Vietnam War.

All of our respect.

4 weeks ago
PTSD - The War at Home

PTSD - the war at home. This is a dear friend’s daughter - Sarah’s story.

“Reach out. It’s the simple gestures like a text saying ‘I was thinking of you’ make all the ... See more

Special thanks to Sarah Chappell for allowing me to help her share her story!

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Military Memes


Double amputee Army vet climbs 2,800-step incline for vet suicide awareness

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Hugging is the most beautiful form of communication

You matter. (((((Hug)))))

I love a good hug!

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How many of you live near or around Richmond, VA and Virginia Beach???? I smell some May shows coming near you!

The KEY to get venues to book the tour is to FILL the room - PLEASE share with ... See more

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Stop Soldier Suicide

Here's more about supporting your significant other who might be suffering with PTSD. Let's stay educated and turn that statistic to 22 lives SAVED daily.

I love you. You matter.

Is your spouse suffering from PTSD? Here are a few tips to help you and your spouse: http://bit.ly/2NkP8Ln

#StopSoldierSuicide #PTSD #Freedom #USMilitary

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Yes And Laughter Lab Applications Manager

Yes and we submitted.... Stop Soldier Suicide

22 lives saved daily - is how that statistic will read.

Applications for the 2019 Yes And Laughter Lab convening are due Friday, April 5, 2019 at 11:59PM EST . Click on the application link below to apply. If you have questions about applying to YALL, ... See more

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